The Core Combination of Personality and Handwriting

Let us use a little analogy to understand the deep connection between an individual’s personality and his or her handwriting. Let us go back to the time when we first began going to school. We were barely out of our toddler stage and there would have been around twenty other little beings along with us and we all obediently followed everything that was told to us by our teacher. Our teacher would have taught us how to hold a pencil and taken us through the formation of letters and words one step at a time. If we were to pick up the notebooks of all the students in the kindergarten class, we would find that the handwriting pattern of all the students would nearly be the same. Now cut to twelve years later when the same students are about to leave school and get on with their adult lives, an examination of the handwriting of these students would show a marked difference and each student’s handwriting would be distinct from those of his or her classmates. How did this happen? The explanation to this establishes the link between the personality and handwriting of a person. It is an established scientific fact that a person’s handwriting is a direct reflection of a person’s core personality and nature. This is because the nerves that control the act of writing are directly wired to the centre of the brain’s consciousness which is the repository of a person’s life experiences, value systems and inherent nature. Therefore, as little minds from the kindergarten class, begin to grow and develop, each one of them learns new things, faces different circumstances and experiences which contribute towards the formation of their characters and this mental transition finds itself being reflected in the manner in which the person writes. It will be noticed that there will be a constant state of transition in the personality and handwriting of a school going child which stabilizes once maturity is attained. An individual’s personality is typically shaped by the following factors: 1. Hereditary – Those inherent traits which are shaped by the genes. 2. Family and Cultural Surroundings – This is perhaps the biggest contributor to the development of a person’s personality as it is the immediate family and their approach towards a child during her formative years that ultimately form the inherent characteristics in them. 3. Situational Experiences – As one goes through life, various situations encountered and experienced also contribute towards evolving of one’s personality. An interesting point to note here is that some features of the handwriting style learned in the early stages remain throughout the life of a person albeit with some modification. These are the indicators of the basic values which are instilled by parents, teachers and the environments at school and home – values which cannot be easily shed. It is possible to deduct the inherent nature and characteristics of an individual through an handwriting analysis of the person’s handwriting samples. This is known as Graphology and the experts who are able to this are known as Graphologists. The entire science and art of Graphology revolves around this crucial link between the personality and handwriting of a person.