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Language Translation is converting source language text into targeted language without losing the essence of the content. Language translation is applied for the translation of various documents, from simple emails to Machinery Manuals. Language translation is done by the translators with in-depth knowledge of the domain and good expertise in both the languages. Language translation has helped businesses to extend their wings to other countries and maximize their growth by translating their marketing materials, legal documents, technical documents and product manuals. Language Translation is a written form which covers Software Localization and Subtitling of the movies. Language interpretation service is an oral communication of two types, consecutive and simultaneous. This service enables the foreign language speaker to express his mind and convey the message to his audience. This language interpreting service should always be done by a professional with ample amount of experience in the domain and the required language as well. The delivery of interpretation should be professional and the formation of the sentences has to be simple and accurate. There are many companies offering highest quality of translation and interpretation services with over 20 years of experience. They are the London-based translation agency providing language services to customers across London, UK and Europe. They work with clients to ensure that they receive the best quality translation service at the most competitive rates thus enabling clients to project the right message in overseas markets. In order to maintain high standards, all translators and interpreters are highly qualified in translation and interpretation as well as they has necessary qualifications within their professional area of expertise. Before selecting a translator or interpreter for a project, they match the skills and qualifications of the individuals to the text in order to provide a technically correct and stylistically compassionate end product. Interpreting service London is dedicated in providing their clients with the best language service. They provide Language Interpreting Services for the various business sectors: • Travel & Tourism • Hospitality and catering • Entertainment • Finance and banking • Industry And Manufacturing • Engineering • Telecommunications They have been successfully providing language services with Financial Translations, Legal Translations, Technical Translations, I.T. Translations and the supply of interpreting services to both business and individuals. Translation service London offer interpreters that are highly qualified and operate in a low-key manner such as not to distract the crucial discussions. They are sensitized to convey the exact message taking into account the facial expressions, tone of speaking and any slant implied. They accept payment by all major credit cards.