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One of the colorful and original items of Mongolian national dresses is the traditional headwear. The head is different in shape and purpose: there were hats for young and old, men and women, summer and winter and for ceremonies, etc. Traditional accessories of Mongolians usually made in silver with pearls. Mongolia Private Tours are one of the best places for adventure, culture, art, and history to experience. The climate in summer at Mongolia from July through September, winter lasts from November to late April, and spring from may through Jun. Different religions like Tibetan Buddhism, Muslim, Christian, and Shamanism are present in Mongolia. Mongolians value their traditions and ways of life. About Mongolians Tradition and Lifestyle: Mongolia is one of the nomad countries being in the word. Buddhism in Mongolian derives many of the recent characteristics from Tibetan Buddhism of the Gelug and Kagyu lineages and connected with their traditional lifestyle. Airag is a traditional drink at Mongolia. The rural people drink Airag in Golden Eagle Festival, Naadam festival, wedding, New Year and others. The national holiday Naadam is celebrated in Mongolia each year on 11-13 July. The festival starts with an opening ceremony that features like house riders, wrestlers, musicians, monks, and dancers. The Mongolian traditional apparel consists of a hat, deel, boots, and other accessories. Golden eagle festival is the biggest and great annual traditional festival all over the world held during the first weekend in October in the far west run by the Mongolian Eagle Hunters Associations. Much Mongolian Travel Company prepares trip dates based upon the Golden eagle festival occasion period for the traveler, photographer, and culture and adventure lover people. Festivals and cultural events are always a great chance to explore the local people and portray a foreign culture and country. For create a complete documentary or video of the festivals of Mongolia, better to make a pre reparation as the Mongolian families came together and camp near the place where the festival will held. Discover Best Tour Operators And Travel Agencies: Mongolia is a new destination place for tourist around the world. Private guide and tour operator offers private tours all over Mongolia including half-day, day-long or multi-day tours. Mongolia travel company gives local adviser, custom made tours, quick assistant and personalized customer service to the people came for innovation and preservation. Private guide treats visitors as a friend rather than customers. Custom made tours built for individual or for groups gives the biggest advantages to the people who want to film, photograph and even for professionals who are doing their projects in Mongolia. Some of the travel agencies give authentic life experience to stay with nomadic people and experience the historical and natural explorations of Mongolians. The Tour operators handle the logistics, setting up remote camp and obtaining special permissions for scientific, art, film and for other projects.Enjoy the authentic and unforgettable tailor made and packaged Mongolia Tours and Travel that is specializing in private group tours, honeymoons and adventure trips.Travel to the Altai Mountains and experience eagle hunting and ancient art of throat singing in Golden Eagle Festival in Mongolia. Want to travel? Then contact us today.