How to Overcome the Tricks Played by Our Brain

Human beings generally have a very complex mind pattern. The more you try to unwind it, the more tangled it becomes. There are so many things that you need to understand about your mind before you actually master it. In fact it can be compared to a wild horse that is hard to tame. It often tricks us and makes us think that what we are doing is right when it is actually wrong. It is therefore vital that you understand in depth about the traps that your mind sets because only when you don’t fall for these ideas, you will find the secret for happiness, succeed in your relationships and also have a promising career ahead in front of you. So what are these tricks actually? To begin with most of us feel that if we had less to do, our lives will be much happier. But this in fact is not true. When we have too much of time doing nothing, we tend to get depressed and bored. Human beings were designed to be active and creative. So we actually need to unleash that potential inside us and keep ourselves engaged in some form of work. When you devote your time for a significant cause, you will find your happiness level increasing. Most of the time, we blame our relatives and other people and think that they are the reason for our unhappiness. But that is not true. We ourselves are the key factors of joy or sorrow. It’s time to take ownership and responsibility for our emotions, because no one can control your emotions more than you. You are the sole reason behind your joy and sorrow. There are basically no secrets for happiness and there are no short cuts as well. In order to lead a successful life, you have to first have a vision, and then devise a strategy towards achieving that vision. Once you accept this fact, half the job is over and you will be very much in track to achieve happiness. Many of us feel that getting the perfect job or the perfect house will make us happier. But this is actually not true. It is just a temporary feeling that will disappear as soon as we get something. We have to understand the fact that the more we try to fill the gap, the more it widens. One thing that we all tend do is procrastinate the important things that need to be done. That is bad. Only once we tend to face things head on, we will realize the immense feeling of gratification. When you avoid things that need to be done, you will not be happy. As a matter of fact, your self esteem goes for a toss. It is a common belief that the world is a scary place and something bad might happen to you and your loved ones any moment. This fear actually erodes our happiness. When you know that doing a particular task will get you into trouble such as smoking, it is better not to do it because ultimately the after effects of smoking leads to serious diseases such as cancer. This for sure might threaten your joy. It is wrong to believe that dreams come true for only those who are lucky. Actually luck is definitely a factor but hard work goes a long way in determining one’s sense of gratification and joy. If you think that there is no way you could turn back the time and go back to school again because you have become old. Then it’s a lie. You are always capable of doing and learning so many things. I still learn a lot by reading various articles on the internet that I got from Time Warner Deals. So achieving happiness is not a herculean task and it can be tackled by keeping these simple ideas in mind.