Doubts, Worries, Fears

“Worry is like a rocking chair-it gives you something to do but it doesn’t get you anywhere.” -Anonymous Doubts-Fears-Worries Ah, the trio of limiting beliefs that can stop you in your tracks. They can wreak havoc on us at one time or another. One day you’re fine and the next these insidious thoughts decide to sneak inside your brain, pull up a chair and have a party. And, they weren’t even invited! They can ruin your day, add more stress and anxiety (as if you don’t have enough already), cause you to question what you are doing and why and they basically rain on your parade. They ignore the “No Trespassing” signs and trash your mental property. So how do you evict them from your mind? You need to call in the L.B.B. – Limiting Belief Busters; Belief, Faith and Trust. You issue a warrant for their arrest and throw them in jail. Otherwise, you will be the one imprisoned as they run rampant in your domain with no way of catching them. The reality is, you allowed them to sneak in because you let the watch guard take a vacation. Doubts, worries and fears have no more power than what you give them. And you feed them by acknowledging them, listening to them and letting them take over without putting up a fight. You own your mind and when something chooses to impinge on your happiness you have every right to knock it out. These intruders don’t have a chance against belief, faith and trust. Invite them into your world and they will set you on the right path and protect you from sabotaging your peace of mind and harmony. It’s all about what you allow in. When you are focused on the fear of something happening or not happening – you ignore faith. When you worry that what you don’t want to happen will, you keep trust on the outside looking in. And, when you doubt that you will ever have what you want, you kick belief to the side of the curb. Look, we all have doubts, fears and worries that knock on our door from time to time but it’s up to you whether you choose to entertain them or not. When you go to a buffet for dinner do you focus on what you don’t want to eat? Or, do you look at all the good things you can have? It’s the same with your limiting thoughts and beliefs. If you focus on them, you will have a brain full of them causing you to be sick and tired. Instead fill your mind with faith, belief and trust that your divine source; call it God, your Higher Power or whatever, has your back, will provide you with exactly what you need. If you choose to live in fear, have doubts and worry all the time there is no room for the goodness that is knocking at your door. So who are you inviting to your party?