7 Tips on Staying Safe While Riding Your Bike

One of the ways you can enjoy the outdoors is by dusting off your bicycle and riding it from the garage into the streets. Bicycle riding can be risky this is why it is important to review the most vital aspects of bicycle safety. Any personal injury lawyer Perth suggests that bicycle riding has its risks and that it is better to prevent accidents rather than treat and claim for injuries sustained due to accidents. So many cyclists suffer injuries annually and even when the accidents are not the fault of the cyclist – these accidents can still be prevented. In order to avoid injuries while riding your bicycle, the following tips will help you. The following pointers on bicycle safety from experienced personal injury lawyer Perth WA are very simple yet often overlooked, so read on. Have Protective Gear A lot of people ignore or dismiss the idea of having a helmet while riding the bicycle. Vehicle drivers are protected by airbags and other modern safety features. Bikers who ignore helmets have to understand that they are the only thing cushioning them from death or permanent head injury. Be Careful When Navigating Traffic Your movement on the road should be well thought out and predictable. When you move haphazardly on the road, making unpredictable sudden moves, it increases your chances of getting hit. Getting hit on the road can easily lead to a fatality. Be Easy to Spot Increase your visibility especially at night by wearing high visibility clothing such as bright coloured or reflective materials. This will reduce your chances of getting hit during evening or night. Remain Attentive Do not operate headphones or be on your earphones while riding your bike. These will distract you and lead you to lose concentration which is a recipe for disaster while on the road. Always Signal Before you make advanced moves like crossing a road, ensure you look both right and left. Try as much as possible to make contact with drivers and make sure you are visible. Never assume that drivers can automatically see you, that assumption can cost you your life! Abide By the Law The road anywhere in the country is governed by traffic rules and laws that are designed to keep things moving and in order. Obeying the laws of the road is not only what you do as a good citizen of a country, but also what you do to remain safe and alive. Ensure the Bike is Sound Before getting on the bike, make sure it is fine and not broken in any way. Do a spot check and ensure that all the bike’s parts are functioning well to avoid problems while riding. The last thing you want is to have your bike fall apart while you are on it. In case you get hurt by a motorist while riding your bike, you may have a valid case for damages. Contact an experienced personal injury law firm Perth to help you with the case.