How to Reapply Sunscreen Over Your Makeup?

We know the importance of wearing sunscreen every day. A few dollops a day can possibly shield skin from damage due to the sun’s powerful UV rays. But do you know that reapplying sunscreen is just, is not more, crucial? Yes, you read it right. Dermatologists mention that you should be re-administering your sunscreen every two to three hours, which means your face that you get ready early in the morning may get a little disheveled after the second application. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are foolproof techniques to reapply your Ciel Sunscreenwithout smudging or smearing your make-up masterpiece. Below are enlisted the top tricks, suggested by dermatologists and makeup artists. Build a Base: Apply SPF 50 or SPF 30 Under Your Makeup Before you begin with your make-up routine, prep your skin with sunscreen protection- Ciel Sunscreen- and not just in the exposed areas of your face, like the cheeks and forehead, but the top of the forehead, near the hairline and the jawline, sides of the cheek and neck. Make sure to apply and reapply to those areas. Sun damage may occur on the upper cheekbones as well. Thus, it’s always best to ensure sun protection with a true sunscreen, and it never goes wrong to apply makeup with SPF on top for additional coverage. If you don’t prefer the thick, tacky sunscreens, try a lightweight SPF like Ciel Sunscreen SPF 50 or Ciel Sunscreen SPF 30 depending on the level of sun exposure and the effects of UV rays. If you want to be very diligent – which you should be – go for high protection of SPF 50 and reapply regularly. This stuff is great because it’s a face sunscreen (one of the best) that feels like a moisturizer, so you’ll actually want to use it often. A Moisturizer with Built-in SPF is Good If you have sensitive skin, streamline your product range with a multitasking moisturizer- but not often. During winter months, it is alright to ignore your sunscreen by using a moisturizer with a sunscreen in it instead of wearing two separate products. When a single product that performs dual-action, make sure you are using enough of the product in order to get enough protection from the sun damage. A Tinted Moisturizer with SPF will Do the Job Replace your heavy foundation with a lighter formula, like a BB or CC cream- and with a hint of added SPF. If you find the perfect match for your skin, you are likely to use the two products regularly, which may be a major investment in the long-term beauty of the skin. Layering a tinted SPF on top is ideal during the summer months. It gives more protection and evens out your complexion. Ciel sunscreen is the best thing you can choose for your skin. This wide spectrum sunscreen works as a primer and the base, thanks to the additional skin-soothing ingredients that both protect and perfect your skin. You can rest assured that your makeup will stay on perfectly and you will be protected from sun damage. Don’t Forget to Finish Up with a Setting Spray Top makeup artists set their client’s final look with setting sprays that offer built-in sun protection. The sprays are clear and there’s no white film, which goes lightly as a fine mist. The setting spray that comes with sunscreen protection can be spritzed on before, during, and after makeup application. Finally, Brush it On If you want a neat, clean finish of your makeup during a mid-day SPF touchup, you can also sweep on a powder sunscreen to the face. The powder sunscreens are available in loose powder or a pressed powder form. The loose powder is easy to use, and you can just brush it on the face. It is quite simple and easy to maintain. Thus, SPF is the only proven way to keep protected against the UV rays of the sun for longer. So, if you are a serious skincare enthusiast, there’s no point investing in serums, if you haven’t got your sunscreen routine done properly. In this instance, consistency is the key. However, we get it, sunscreen can be difficult to be managed, and you practically deserve a medal if you’ve successfully managed to get yours to go nicely with your makeup because of the idea of reapplying SPF during the day can be unappealing on the whole. Hopefully, the given tips and tricks on how to reapply sunscreen have provided you with some ideas for how to stay vigilant with your Ciel sun protection this summer-without messing up with your makeup look! The two can coexist flawlessly if you’ve got the right products, such as the sprays, lotions and the know the right techniques on how to reapply SPF without washing off your previously-applied makeup.

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