3 Amazing Virginia Cities to Live In

Virginia is a southeast state that stretches from the Chesapeake Bay to the Appalachian Mountains. It is one of the original 13 colonies and has a lot of historical value to the state.

The state is home to some of the most amazing cities and beaches that make you want to move there. Virginia beach is a very well-known beach on the east coast and is one of the many reasons people visit Virginia.

From the different vacation activities to the different restaurants and bars, these cities and beaches will have the whole family having fun day and night.


The city of Arlington is very well known in the state of Virginia. The city has a wide variety of things to do.

There are plenty of historical, city, and cultural tours to keep you busy during your entire experience in Arlington.

The crime rate in Arlington is significantly low compared to other cities in Virginia. In fact, the crime rate is 61% lower than the national average. Because of this, you may find yourself looking for Arlington real estate to purchase.

The unemployment rate in the city is only 2.8%. This is one of the many reasons people choose to move to Arlington.

Arlington is an attractive place to live for many people looking to move away!


The city of Roanoke has very important value to American history. This itself makes it a great city to vacation in or move to. Learning all about the mystery of Roanoke is what makes the city so interesting.

The cost of living here is significantly lower than the national average which makes it a great place to move to. It is one of Virginia’s lower cost of living cities.

There are many universities near the city that can offer a great education. Many people go to college in or near Roanoke because they really enjoy the area.

Besides all the history, you can continue the fun at night with many wineries and theaters around the city.

The city is a very interesting place to live. Tons of historical value and entertainment all around, it is hard to not want to vacation or move here!


Richmond is one of America’s oldest cities. There is a ton of historical value to the city involving what happened in the Civil War.

The cost of housing in the city is quite low compared to the national average of housing. The cost of living here makes the city such an attractive place to live. The city’s affordability really drives a good amount of people each year to move here.

There are plenty of things to do in the city that involve things for the entire family of all ages. From museums, bars, restaurants, and different attractions, it is hard to not find something everyone in the family will want to do.

The city is a great place to learn about history, have fun, all while being able to live comfortably.

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