Utility of Raw Sugarcane Juice For Human Health

The popularity of sugarcane as a natural sweetener is quite spread out all across the globe. Have you ever had sugarcane juice? It is literally one of the most relishing drinks which is filled with vital nutrients. In addition, it offers energy and glucose necessary for our body to function with strength and liveliness. Asia and Latin America are the dominant regions where sugarcane juice is drank on a major basis. Presently, the demand for raw sugarcane is growing steadily. Sugarcane juice is produced from raw cane with the help of iron rollers used to press it well. Interestingly, it contains around 15 percent natural sugar which is rich in vitamins and organic salts. It is primarily during hot summers, you can savor sugarcane juice on a frequent basis. Usefulness of Raw Sugarcane Juice There are certain food items that are treated as natural boosters for human health. This list does include sugarcane which is treated as a utility product. Presently, the demand in the raw cane sugar market is tremendous due to its uninfluenced and natural health benefits. Below mentioned are some gainful pointers associated to raw sugarcane that should be known by the consumers. Nutritional Content Raw sugarcane is a low-sodium, low-cholesterol food item which doesn’t contain any saturated fats. A single teaspoon of raw sugar extracted from sugarcane only contains 15 calories/serving. Although, it is a low-cholesterol item, sugarcane does contain substantial calories in percentage to the serving quantity. Hence, eating sugarcane carefully helps to avoid unintentional calorie consumption. Blackstrap Molasses Blackstrap molasses is produced with sugarcane being the prime source. Although, it is not a common sweetener as compared to the past, but it does hold prominent health benefits. You can see that 1-tablespoon comprises 58 calories, together with the offering of calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium. Moreover, the same serving size doesn’t contain cholesterol or fat. Sugarcane Juice: A Health Supporter Presently, the raw sugarcane market has been on a roll due to the preference of consumers when it comes to sugarcane juice! It does provide an instant energy kick and reduces thirst during summers. Furthermore, you do get re-hydrated after a single glass cherished with a hint of lime. No artificial energy beverage can work as effectively as sugarcane juice. Some additional advantages include: Although the taste of cane juice is quite sweet, it is safe for diabetic patients. The presence of natural sugar having low glycemic index helps to prevent any steep growth in blood glucose levels concerned with diabetics. However, individuals suffering from Type-2 diabetes are advised to consume it in restrained quantity. This juice is regarded as alkaline creating food due to high concentration of magnesium, calcium, potassium, manganese and iron. Moreover, diseases such as cancer don’t get support to continue in an alkaline setting; hence, sugarcane juice is proven effective in fighting cancer, particularly breast and prostate cancer. Further, sugar cane juice enhances protein levels in your body, therefore it assists in maintaining kidney health. When consumed in a diluted form, along with coconut water and lime juice, sugar cane juice does reduce the scorching sensation linked to kidney stones, STDs and prostatitis. Sugarcane juice is also a good digestive relief since it contains potassium. Your digestive system stays in a proper condition preventing stomach infections and issues related to constipation. Moreover, antioxidants available in sugarcane juice functions to fight infections and improves the immune system. Also, it shields the liver from infections and works to keep the bilirubin levels under control. That is the reason why doctors’ suggest patients with jaundice to drink raw sugarcane juice since it gets digested easily and doesn’t put stress the liver. Above all, it has been discovered that people struggling from febrile disorders should consume sugarcane juice. Under febrile disorders people do suffer from fever that can cause seizures as well as loss of proteins in the human body. This is quite shared in infants & children. Furthermore, sugarcane juice aids in recompensing the loss of protein and backs in recovery. In the earlier days, chewing sugarcane stick was seen as a favorite pastime for many youngsters and adults. Calcium-rich raw sugarcane works to ensure proper development of our skeletal system, together with teeth and bones. Relevant utilization of sugarcane juice assists in reducing as well as curing skin problems like acne. It contains alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) such as glycolic acid that enhance the process of cell turnover. Further, they also help in skin exfoliation with the elimination of acne buildup. Hence, the consumption of raw sugarcane juice is a blessing for humans who wish to lead a healthy life. The perfect blend of correct food items and exercise will surely push your health to greater levels. It is advisable that you must consult with your physician or dietician before consuming sugarcane juice in a regular routine. People who are diabetic need to be a bit careful. Do analyze your status in this condition and only after the approval of the doctor you can sip on sugarcane juice.